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Step Up & Lead

  • The Construction Institute 260 Girard Avenue Hartford, CT, 06105 United States (map)

Step Up & Lead

with The Bolder Company  in partnership with The Construction Institute

Cause your inner dynamic leader to emerge

Dates: May 31, June 7, June 14, June 28

Time: 4:00PM-6:00PM

This four part class teaches the essential interpersonal behaviors that distinguish leaders from managers.

Learn It-Do It-Own It: Every session is a hands-on, experiential opportunity to grow. The fun and challenging practices build critical skills that increase your confidence and flexibility to meet the challenges and opportunities of the workplace and advance your career. Click here to register now.

Who should take this class? Established and aspiring professionals across all industries who are ready to cultivate the generous, bold leader they know is within them. Leaders who want to bring out the best in their people and support them in speaking up, taking ownership, and making a difference. 

What will I learn?

May 31, Class I, Listening:

Hone your skills to listen and respond in ways that build rapport and deepen trust

  • Support your ability to listen for opportunity and connection in conversations
  • Reduce disconnects between you and others by focusing how we receive and send information
  • Increase comfort with “out of the box” thinking, creativity, new ideas, and offerings
  • Reduce errors, miscommunications, and conflicts

June 7, Class II, Engagement:

Develop your confidence and ease with a variety of people and situations

  • Deepen relationships and services with existing and new clients
  • Increase comfort with asking for referrals and digging for additional connections that lead to profitable new business
  • Build creative thinking about prospecting to uncover new opportunities
  • Place focus on finding common ground and bringing creativity, engagement, and openings for new ideas

June 14, Class III, Influence and Delegation:

Maximize the capabilities of your team and promote cooperation

  • Separate delegation from collaboration and learn how to make clear requests of others
  • Identify your role in influencing outcomes
  • Practice different approaches to making requests of others
  • Elevate your professionalism and build strong relationships with co-workers and clients

June 28, Class IV, Emotional Intelligence (EQ): 

Learn to handle challenging individuals and situations professionally

  • Increase your ability to read the cues that others are giving and how to adjust your approach accordingly
  • Place focus on finding common ground and taking other’s perspectives and experiences into account
  • Develop your comfort with different personality and cultural styles and differences
  • Improve your situational awareness and communication; knowing when to step up or fade back in a conversation or situation to influence positive outcomes

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