Making Bold Choices to Attract Top Talent while Managing Change

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High Profile Magazine recently ran a case study by The Bolder Company for its April 2019 special edition publication, VISION. The Vision edition highlights organizations in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Industry who are shaking up the old paradigms and challenging themselves to do things differently.

Have you ever heard someone complain that company change is top-down, that leadership is setting visions but not realistically accounting for how employees will execute? Disengagement and cynicism happen when people receive mandates for change or improvement but lack the skills and resources to create the desired results. Pair this with human nature that resists change and the unknown, and the implementation of strategic, mission-driven work is at risk if behaviors and mindsets don’t shift towards the desired visions.


How does a nationally recognized leader in electrical parts distribution build rapid, sustainable capacity so that employees can and will embrace change and tackle new challenges? Sales and management associates’ skills of this regional powerhouse lagged behind the competition. Team members focused on transactional versus relational selling and were described as “old school” by leadership. With change afoot throughout the industry, the company recognized a pressing need to develop their organization’s client-facing teams, to strengthen existing client relationships, retain market share, and build capacity within its employee groups.

The leadership team took a deep breath, realizing they needed to think differently…

Read the full study on High Profile Magazine’s special edition, VISION.

Jenny Drescher